Combination of Telemedicine and Hands-on Care- A Perfect Healthcare Approach

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, most of the patients having surgical requirements in the United States used to travel to the required center that met the criteria for offering superior-quality services or procedures, for example, spinal surgery or knee replacement surgery. It has been seen that well-known companies like Walmart have signed contracts with many healthcare providers for their employees’ care. Virginia Mason and more such CEOs, such as Johns Hopkins, Geisinger, the Mayo Clinic, are some of them.

But now, the ongoing pandemic has shut down the travel, and the situation might end these programs. But, looking at the current development, it can be said the people can still get services from the designated Centers of Excellence. For example, Virginia Mason has now invested in telemedicine technology to offer virtual healthcare services along with the clinical-team conference. This has even enabled the service provider to offer spine surgery and other spine-related health issues to local as well as international patients. With time, the center is also enhancing its virtual patient care.

The emergence of the “Spine Team Approach.”

Located in Seattle, Virginia, Mason was one of the first firms to confront the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic forced the firm to respond to the new clinical challenge. Following this, Virginia Mason came up with the “Settle Spine Team Approach.” This is a perfect example of the combination of telemedicine and hands-on care. This model is all about a pre-surgical team conference that covers neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, pain medicine specialists, anesthesiologists, hospitalists, and assistants.

After applying this, Virginia Mason witnessed an increase in attendance. Besides, people have also started liking this approach.

How does the combination of virtual and hands-on care help Virginia Mason?

A recent study shows how the experts have integrated new virtual care methods with the traditional destination. The was an old man of around 57 years old in Alaska, who had been suffering from progressive weakness in his legs and arms. Besides, he was not able to get on-time care or evaluation due to the Coronavirus pandemic. With time, his condition started deteriorating, and the local doctor suggested him to get in touch with Virginia Mason and the Spine Team.

The team then organized a virtual care conference with the patient as well as his doctor. After a few days of the conference, the patient arrived at Seattle, where he got the surgery at Virginia Mason. After two weeks of the surgery, the 57-year-old mand retried to Alaska and followed all the steps mentioned by the concerned health experts. Just within three months, he recovered from the surgery and regained full use of his legs and arms. The experts are also continuing to follow the patient through virtual visits, including his rehab physicians, surgeon, and spine physician assistants.

Even though the COVID-19 outbreak has extensively affected the whole world, including the healthcare sector, most of the people are now fearing to visit hospitals. Besides, all most all the hospitals are now treating COVID-19 affected patients, and following this; they are unable to give time to other patients. However, the virtual and hands-on care approach can be quite a useful thing. With this, all most all the nonsurgical patients can now get detailed healthcare evaluation and treatment, without stepping outside, or traveling to Seattle.

Such patients can get the necessary healthcare service virtually from Virginia Mason’s spine specialist. It is a fact that with virtual care, a healthcare service provider can increase access to quality healthcare, and there is no need to travel around.

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