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Virtual Point of Care is an initiative led by Sousan Bagherpoor. Our team is dedicated to developing and implementing a quality framework for POCT and telemedicine in the developing regions. Our business values revolve around serving patients with commitment, quality, and reliability to increase their confidence using virtual clinical examinations and POCT for faster diagnostics. We are going to collaborate with doctors from local hospitals to consult patients through a video-based communication system and our team of professional nurses and care staff will perform the necessary tests and update the stats of the patients in the system.

Sousan Bagherpoor

Sousan Bagherpoor is one of the true exemplars of women taking initiatives in leadership and change. Sousan is a specialist Point of Care Testing (POCT) and social medicine advocate in North York, Ontario, Canada. She is also an ISO lead auditor. She has a certificate in Quality Management. She applies the QM system toward POCT programs to meet the accreditation criteria on a regular basis. Sousan is also a part of the CSA group as a medical device committee member and a part of the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO) since 1997. She wants to utilize her extensive experience and lead people to live meaningful lives. She strives to help people achieve their full potential and learn about their abilities.


Other than this, the professional credentials of Sousan Bagherpoor are reflective of her dedication to her career and a substantial amount of inherent interest in learning. Her abilities for international leadership are explicitly observed in her role as the Business Development Manager at Your Rug & Rugs. and Oei homes where she was able to showcase her leadership abilities by forming, working with and managing different international teams especially through a prominent focus on the significance of strong team dynamics. In a few months, she managed to convert these two businesses from physical store to a a successful eCommerce.


She is also the CEO and founder of Goda Digital.  The company aims to help the small scale businesses grow and attain higher success heights and to create employment. With great passion and purpose, she has successfully helped quite a lot of businesses in taking their brand to the next level. In the era of growing unemployment, Sousan Bagherpoor understands the need and importance of employment and has created ample employment opportunities for many. She looks forward to creating even more such employment opportunities for the well-being of individuals.

Sousan Bagherpoor is also the president of WGC Chapter Toronto.  One of her key objectives is to create awareness about social medicine and social determinants of health through this programme. By creating awareness about the important topic of recent times, she helps individuals in better understanding the social and economic conditions that can affect health, disease, as well as medicine practice.


To know more about Sousan, visit the website.

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