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The landscape of healthcare is changing day-by-day. Healthcare providers face new challenges every day and have to adapt to changes in how care is delivered. We understand these challenges and offer solutions that help you develop health management solutions that are in sync with the ever-changing requirements.

Point-Of-Care Testing has emerged as one such revolutionary health management solution in recent times. Since it removes the need for testing in a lab, it has managed to make testing more cost-effective and drastically reduced waiting times. The new model of delivery means that access to healthcare has increased and speedy, accurate insights are now easily available.

Irrespective of whether you need implementation of Point-of-care settings in your healthcare establishment or you need a facilitator to introduce your point-of-care products to a healthcare establishment, we are there for you. We assist hospitals, clinics, and manufacturers.

Healthcare Establishments

More and more healthcare service providers are showing interest in POCT services, which in other words is known as near-patient testing, bedside testing, ancillary testing, and alternate-site testing.

As mentioned earlier, POCT tests help in managing time by decreasing the turnaround time through lesser delays, and the scope of errors is eliminated in sample processing and transportation.

We are your one-stop point of care consultancy service. From new market analysis or penetration to project lifecycle management, we help healthcare organizations with all aspects of setting up a POCT environment on their campus.

We assist healthcare organizations to evaluate, develop, and implement best-in-class point-of-care environment in their organization.

Our experienced client success team comprising of seasoned healthcare consultants first analyze current trends and use a data-centric approach. We do a deep dive into the prevailing market scenario, the competitors around, and look at the potential high impact drivers. Based on the above, they zero in on the strategic pros and cons associated with setting up the point-of-care touchpoints in the particular establishment.

We handhold them and make them aware of the various regulatory protocols that need to be in place.  We also make them aware of how testing can be effected outside the lab environment due to different environmental, technical and organizational challenges. Our team is well versed with the knowledge of Point Of Care Testing requirements for the following organizations: International Organization For Standardization (ISO), Accreditation Canada, Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH), College of American Pathologists (CAP), We can prepare your establishments to meet th


As a leading Point-of-care consultancy, we have had the experience of working with a diverse group of healthcare organizations and point-of-care manufacturing companies. Irrespective of geographic location, we have noticed that one problem is common everywhere. Different local bodies might have different criteria for manufacturers that they need to meet. Understanding the different criteria and wading through the sea of different criteria for diverse products is not something that is in the best interest of a point-of-care product manufacturing business. They don’t need to spend time on diverting from their core competency of making products to deal with legislation and regulatory bodies. This is a task best left to professionals. We have the necessary experience and a 360-degree view of the industry that helps us to provide the best possible assistance to a manufacturing company. We engage with multiple stakeholders on behalf and create a smooth roadmap for them.  This involves leveraging our experience in R& D, product launch, market and intelligence reports, partnerships, and short- and long-term business planning.

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