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Developing countries are struggling with many healthcare-related problems, which is worsened by the healthcare infrastructure.
-Workforce: Less than 1 laboratory professional per 10,000 people.
-Quality: Less than 500 laboratories accredited to international standards and 90% are in South Africa.
-Lab Networks: Few fully functional national public health reference laboratories and networks.
-A cycle of distrust
-Long test turnaround time
-Lost results and lost samples
-Tests disagree with the clinical picture
-HIV is endemic in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).
-Over 22.5 million people are living with HIV in the region, with 1.8 million new infections occurring in 2010.
-Interpersonal Violence
-Non Communicable Diseases


Telemedicine enables healthcare service providers to provide the same level of care to people in remote/rural areas. Because of geographical constraints, many people do not have access to proper healthcare services. Telemedicine brings together doctors and patients regardless of these limitations and locations. We are going to be the first company to enter the telemedicine health care sector in developing countries. We are developing a QMS that will be compliant with ISO15189 and ISO 22870 to deliver better quality lab results in the laboratory and Point of Care Testing (POCT) environment. POCT is a time- and life-saving method for diagnostics and is becoming a prevalent practice all over the world. POCT enables doctors to obtain results obtained within a few minutes that can lead to immediate treatment plans and potentially save precious lives. In addition, using telemedicine and an advanced drone delivery system, we are providing access to quality healthcare services in rural areas.

Virtual Appointments

Doctors will examine patients virtually via online video calls. Patients will log into our web-based service where they will be guided through a series of questions. Then our doctors and nurses will read the answers and will proceed with the consultation accordingly. The doctors will instruct the nurses to perform the various tests. The test results will be available within minutes, which the doctor will review. Once reviewed, the doctor will provide the final diagnosis and treatment plan. All the prescribed medicine will be delivered by drones.

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