Once there was a time when every patient had to visit a health care facility for their illnesses. But, today the scenario has changed drastically, with the emergence of Telemedicine.  Telemedicine uses advanced, secure technology to give patients virtual access to health care services, including diagnosis and treatment, regardless of where they are located. Covid-19 has further demonstrated the importance of telemedicine.

Virtual POCT is introducing telemedicine services for the benefit of our patients who need to stay connected to a reliable patient care management system. The telemedicine services show real-time availability of healthcare providers, doctors, or consultants. We have partnered with one of the leading global healthcare technology solution providers to integrate telemedicine services in our system.

The telemedicine services will allow the patients to easily connect to the doctors by using their smartphone app. Our patients can book an appointment with a qualified physician within the comfort of their homes. Our customized platforms are secure and ensure patient data privacy and confidentiality. All exchanges between the patient and physician occur over an encrypted network.

Using telemedicine, it becomes easier for senior citizens, disabled individuals, and geographically isolated people, to access professional health care services. In addition to convenience, it also reduces the likelihood of catching an infection that may otherwise be present at the hospital/doctors’ office, which can be dangerous for people with underlying conditions or weak immune systems. The telemedicine solutions are available for patients suffering from non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

We can develop a system that can collaborate with leading doctors who will offer assistance in general care, pediatrics, preventive medicine, mental health, and more. Doctors are available 24/7/365 for their patients through video calls, phone-call, messaging, and chat features.

We can develop systems to offer the following telemedicine services:

    1. The patients will input their health query and a doctor will be assigned in no time. The doctor will examine the patient through voice or video call and diagnose the patient’s condition.
    2. The patient can schedule appointments in advance at any time of the day with their doctors.
    3. Patients can log in their appointment date and time and set a reminder for their next appointment
    4. Once a patient’s prescription needs refilling, they can simply log in and a doctor can refill it for them.
    5. Patients have access to pharmacies that can offer discounts and quality medical products
    6. Patients can chat with doctors through the app
    7. Patients receive push notifications and reminders for their appointments, treatments, and prescriptions.
    8. Access to specialists is also available for patients with specific diseases.
    9. All of our patient’s details are kept confidential at all times
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