Our Process


The clinic will be operated by local nurses using Point-Of-Care Testing devices and virtual medicine services. The POCT devices will be used to ensure the accurate and quality healthcare system based on our devised and implemented quality management system to treat various acute and chronic diseases. POCT devices are used to perform various diagnostic tests. POCT devices are quick and accurate.

Blockchain Storage and Patient Portal

The online patient portal offers an access point and data record point for patients to communicate and share information with the doctor. We will take precautions and security measurements to keep patient data and information secure & confidential using advanced blockchain technology.

The portal provides the following services:

  • Safe & secure communication with the doctor
  • Review summaries and test results
  • Schedule appointments and reminders
  • Request prescription refills
  • Secure storage of patient records on the blockchain

Drone Delivery

Using the best that technology has to offer and developing innovative ways to close the healthcare gap, our fleet of drones will deliver genuine drugs and medicines directly from trusted and verified pharmacies to our clinics located in rural areas. By using drones, we are enabling patients to access the best healthcare, eliminating the constraints and limitations because of their location.

Wellness Education

We believe in wellness through education. We do not just want to provide treatment plans and prescribe medicine We want to help people develop a good understanding of their alignments and physical conditions so they can really take care of themselves. We firmly believe that the first step towards recovery begins at understanding the problem at hand.

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