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Among the many disasters that we have come across in recent history, the COVID-19 threat is probably the worst. As the impact of the new global pandemic continues to grab countries all over the world in its clutches, the global population is in a state of shock. Proper monitoring of the spread of COVID-19 is one of the foremost tools for governments of countries all over the world.


Virtual Telepoint of Care is committed to help fight this virus through helping detect the immunity against Coronavirus via our testing kit and publishing updates and information that might be helpful. To know more, visit the COVID-19 Test section. Visit the Coronavirus section to get information about how the virus is spreading across the globe, mental health, self-isolation tips, Coronavirus serology testing and much more!


Irrespective of whether you need implementation of Point-of-care settings in your healthcare establishment or you need a facilitator to introduce your point-of-care products to a healthcare establishment, we are there for you. We assist hospitals, clinics, and manufacturers.

We Provide Access To Affordable Healthcare


Pioneering breakthroughs in the telemedicine and POCT sector in developing countries across the globe.


To implement QMS to build a safe and reliable healthcare and POCT system.


To work for the health and prosperity of our people.

Advanced Healthcare,
Leveraging Technology

Our healthcare system enables patients to get access to instant tests, professional treatments, and proper medication, regardless of where they live.

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    The first telemedicine clinic or point-of-care will be established soon. We will roll-out to other rural and remote areas around the world.

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